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Want to know more about the top freight forwarders in South Korea? We compiled the list to help you find the right one for your business.

Top Freight Forwarders in South Korea

   Image source: Port Technology

Every growing business needs a trusted freight company that will move your products to different parts of the world. Imagine your precious goods being shipped with an unreliable freight forwarder! The moment you ship them out, you can’t monitor them inside the cargo trucks that will transport them. 

However, with a reputable freight forwarder, the tracking of the parcels is ensured while maintaining the quality inside their packages. With that being said, we compiled the list of top freight forwarders in South Korea that will help your business choose which one suits you best. 

List of Top Freight Forwarders in South Korea

This is the overview of the list you might want to check. We’ll discuss more about each one of them below. Keep reading!

  1. Hyundai Glovis 
  2. CJ Logistics
  3. Pantos Logistics
  4. HanExpress
  5. Dong Bang Transport Logistics Co., Ltd.

Top Freight Forwarders in South Korea

Growing businesses that trade overseas will find it challenging to meet orders and client demand if you try to handle everything on your own. Not to mention the challenge of ensuring safe and efficient shipment of goods. Finding the most dependable freight forwarder for your business in South Korea won’t be that long with this list we prepared for you. 

1. Hyundai Glovis Co., Ltd

   Image Source: Hyundai Glovis

Location: 301, Teheran-ro, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Date Founded: February 2001

Certification: ISO 45001 and ISO 9001

Revenue: $16.3 billion

Services Offered: 

  • Storage and Packaging
  • Logistic consulting
  • Sea and Air Freight
  • Inland Truck Transportation
  • Supply chain management 


Formerly known as Hankook Logitech Co. Ltd, Hyundai Glovis Co. Ltd. is one of the largest logistics companies operating in South Korea. Kim Jung-hoon is the current CEO with over 7,000 employees working under his management. The company has three operations: the distribution section, logistics section, and shipping section. 

The Distribution section engaged in CKD or complete knocked-down business supplying parts and holding auctions for used cars. The Logistics section works on logistics services including storage, transportation, and unloading the clients’ cargo. On the other hand, the Shipping section provides bulk transportation of vehicle transportation. It transports commercial vehicles, passenger cars, heavy construction equipment, petroleum products, and railway vehicles. 

2. CJ Logistics

Image Source: CJ Logistics

Location: Bldg 53 Sejong-daero 9-gil Jung-gu, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Year Founded: 1930


  • Certification of General Logistics Company
  • AEO Certified

Revenue: $9.4 billion

Services Offered:

  • Land Freight Services
  • Sea and Air Freight
  • Logistics Services
  • Stevedoring and transportation
  • e-Fulfillment


CJ Logistics started in 1930 under its first company name Chosun Rice Warehousing Co., Ltd., and later on changed it in 1998 to its present company name. More than 6,000 employees are working under the company with Kang Sin-ho as the present CEO. Being in the industry for 90 years proves the reliability of its services.

CJ Logistics transports products and raw materials such as consumer goods and the heavy chemical industry. It had expanded in 1966 and now has 154 corporations in 40 countries including Vietnam, the USA, Japan, and China, providing dependable freight and logistics services.

3. LX Pantos (Pantos Logistics)

Image Source: LX Pantos

Location: LG Gwanghwamun Bldg, 58 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Year Founded: 1977

Revenue: $3.3 billion


  • AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator)
  • 2018 Green Logistics Company Certification

Services Offered:

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Rail Freight
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Customs Clearance
  • SCM Consulting


Formerly called Pantos Logistics, the name LX Pantos was changed this year on July 1, 2021. LX Pantos is one of the leading third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the entire Asia Pacific region.  As an air freight operator since 1977, Pantos has evolved into a global provider of freight forwarding for more than 2800 businesses. With 155 offices, warehouses, and freight centers in over 40 countries, Pantos has created a global Infrastructure that offers logistics solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

There are over 13000 companies that use LX Pantos’ logistics services from a wide range of sectors such as chemicals, oil refineries, electronics, and machinery to construction and distribution, food, and fashion design. Its employees of more than 7,000 work together to serve its clients with quality freight and logistics services under the management of CEO Choi Won-hyok.

4. HanExpress

Image Source: HanExpress

Location: 103 Chorok-ro Yanggam-myeon Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi 18632 South Korea

Year Founded: 1979

Revenue: $509 million

Certification: 2004 ISO 9001&14001 certification

Services Offered: 

  • Transportation
  • Freight Trucking
  • Ground freight and Logistics
  • Freight and Logistics Services


Known as Samhee Shipping Co., Ltd. as its former name, HanExpress Co., Ltd is a transportation service provider with its headquarters in Korea. Under CEO Lee Seok-hwan, more than 7,000 employees are working for the company, leading the freight and logistics industry with its vision “Becoming the Best Leading partner that creates the best customer value”.

It has 4 business segments –  inland transportation, third party logistics, international distribution services, and warehousing. Inland Transportation delivers general, bulk, and special cargo, while Third-party Logistics or 3PL offers warehousing and distribution processes, and transportation. International Distribution Service provides forwarding and transportation services for goods imported or exported, and finally, Warehousing Business that provides cargo warehousing services. 

5. Dong Bang Transport Logistics Co., Ltd.

        Image Source: Dong Bang

Location: 23Fl Marine Center 118, Namdaemunro 2Ga Jung-Gu, Seoul, South Korea

Year Founded: 1965

Certification: 1999 ISO 14001 & 1997 ISO 9002 Certified

Revenue: $473 million

Services Offered:

  • Railway Freight 
  • Land and Marine Freight 
  • Harbor and Ferry Stevedore
  • Residential Building Construction
  • Overseas transportation/ Portal Logistics


Founded in 1965, Dong Bang Transport Logistics Co., Ltd. is one of the best freight forwarders in South Korea. With Lee Dal Geun as the CEO and the 717 employees working for the company, came up with the “New Jump” movement to provide faster, more accurate, and safer service. To operate efficiently, the company has divided its operations into four divisions: harbor stevedore, freight truck transportation, marine transportation, and other business.

Harbor Stevedore delivers stevedoring for imported/exported and general cargoes and warehouse management. The Freight Truck Transportation transports general and huge cargoes, while Marine Transportation transports bulk cargoes and steel products. Lastly, the Others division, working on automobile maintenance, oil distribution, and rentals.

Top Freight Forwarder in China


Image Source: FBABEE

Company Overview

  • Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: FBABEE
  • Via: Direct Flight
  • Shipment Type: All Types
  • Service: Door to Door Shipping
  • Warehouse: 14 Days Free Warehouse Storage
  • Exceptional Service: Full Range Prep Services
  • Location: #302, Bld D, New Retail Digital Industrial Zone, Xixiang Street, Bao’An, 518100, Guangdong Province, China

It’s FBABEE’s mission to assist its clients to focus and grow their businesses to the next level with full-service Prep and Ship services. It has offices that operate in the United States and China that perform different tasks to further serve the customers quickly. The Chinese side is in charge of product preparation and forwarding, while the US team is in charge of customs clearance, taxes, and delivery to AMZ’s warehouse as a backup in case of damage during transportation.

What’s more to love about FBABEE are the perks you won’t find in every freight company. The company offers no extra charges as its team employs trusted people so you pay exactly what they quote for you. No hidden fees at all! Another thing, it offers a world-class service that is worth every dollar you paid for, aiming to build a long-lasting partnership with its clients. With the help of FBABEE, the customers can better control their inventories while also getting their products to Amazon quickly and efficiently from China.

Services Offered

  • Express Shipping
  • Air + Express Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) Labeling
  • Bundling
  • Packaging
  • Warning and Other Labels
  • Poly Bagging
  • Marketing Materials
  • 14 Days Storage


With all the preparations and shipping processes of your business, what you need is a reliable freight forwarder that will ensure the quality and safe delivery of your products. The right freight forwarder will help you grow your business and won’t allow hassles while the goods are in transport.  Choose the one that will help you reach your customers through their world-class services.

The competing companies expand their businesses with the rampant need for products online. At FBABEE, you are assured that you get the value for your money. We will ship your products to Amazon with utmost care so you have nothing to worry about at all! Call us now to get a free quote.

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