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Are you looking for a decent freight forwarder from China to the USA? Our team of experts has created this blog for you! It carries in-depth information related to the best freight forwarders from China to the USA. 

A freight forwarder is a corporation that works to arrange freight on behalf of shippers. In other words, freight forwarding companies regulate cargoes for individuals or firms to receive goods from the factory or supply them to the marketplace.

List of the Best Rated Freight Forwarders from China to the USA 

However, finding a reliable freight forwarder among the plenty of available options can become quite difficult. Considering this, we have put together the list of the best freight forwarders from China to the USA to help you out. You can book an appointment here to know more about us.  

Are you short of time to check out the entire blog? In that case, here is the preview of the best-rated freight forwarders from China to the USA: 

  1. FBABEE 
  2. China Freight  
  3. Asiana USA 
  4. Barrington Freight 
  5. Guided Imports PTE LTD  



Source: FBABEE

Year Established: 2018 

Headquarters: #302, Bld D, New Retail Digital Industrial Zone, Xixiang Street, Bao’An, 518100, Guangdong Province, China

Industry: Freight shipping 

Awards and Certifications: ISO9001 international Quality System certification and many more. 

Since its establishment, FBABEE has always been one of the most prominent freight forwarding firms. It is a China-based company which offers shipping services to many parts of the world.

The company offers Express, Air + Express, and By Sea shipping methods. It provides basic services for all the clients free of cost (picking up the goods, checking cartons, and storage for 14 days). 

This firm provides several payment options, including Western Union, PayPal, L/C, D/A, T/T, and D/P. The freight forwarder maintains a 4,000 square meters Warehouse in the US, and it has a 900 square meters China Prep Center. It supplies nearly 10 tons of various products on a daily basis.

Services Offered:

  • Add-on services comprise FNSKU labeling, bundling, packaging, caution labels, poly bagging, additional storage. 
  • Also serves as an Amazon Freight Forwarder and promptly transmits goods. 
  • Offers printing and sticking labels services  

2. China Freight 

 China Freight Logo

Source: China Freight

Year Established: 2012  

Headquarters: Nanjingyuan Building Nantou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518000 

Industry: Freight shipping

Awards and Certifications: CCC-Clearance Certificate, and others. 

China Freight is one of the leading freight forwarding companies with its main offices in China. This freight forwarder has connections with high-end global carriers to deliver the best sea shipping services at affordable rates. It also offers air freight services to various countries. 

With cargo insurance, this freight forwarder will safeguard your cargo against unexpected loss and damage from outer factors during shipping. It cooperates with FEDEX, DHL, UPS and uses quick express services for delivering packages and parcels. 

Services Offered:

  • Provides shipping and tracking solutions to match the requirements of the clients 
  • It will supervise the whole procedure for shipment of goods to Amazon FBA 
  • Offers simple and quick customs clearance services. 

3. Asiana USA

Asiana USA Logo

Source: Asiana USA

Year Established: 1990 

Headquarters: 1501 Rio Vista Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90023, United States

Industry: Freight shipping

Awards and Certifications: Certified Freight Forwarder 

Here is one of the best international freight forwarders, which is Asiana USA. It is well-known for its various shipping modes and customs brokerage services. This freight firm offers both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) services. 

This freight forwarding company has connections with large global companies and delivers goods to several countries. It offers cost-effective solutions for shipping goods from China to the USA. 

Services Offered: 

  • It offers clear customs services and ships the goods to the Amazon fulfillment warehouse. 
  • The firm deals with all the tasks associated with logistics 
  • Provides packaging, warehousing, and fulfillment services. 

4. Barrington Freight  

Barrington Freight Logo

Source: Barrington Freight

Year Established: 2007  

Headquarters: Barrington Freight Ltd, Bowden House, Luckyn Lane, Basildon, Essex SS14 3AX 

Industry: Freight shipping  

Awards and Certifications: SSL certificate and others 

Currently, Barrington Freight is another most prominent freight forwarder. It offers shipping services from China to the USA and various other countries as well. This freight company cooperates with Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) and Sanming Sjaxian Airport (SQJ). 

It provides air freight and ocean freight services. The company offers road freight options in Express services, Cheap Pallet Delivery services, and Economy Groupage services. 

Services Offered:

  • It is a trustworthy freight forwarder company and offers competitive rates
  • Maintains 24/7 radio contact with the carrier, making sure that goods are not lost. 
  • Provides emergency goods shipping options without any hidden payments

5. Guided Imports PTE LTD 

Guided Imports PTE LTD Logo

Source: Guided Imports PTE LTD

Year Established: 2013  

Headquarters: Qingdao, China 

Industry: Freight shipping  

Awards and Certifications: CE Compliance, ISO 17025 international certification, and more. 

Guided Imports PTE LTD is the best economical freight forwarder that ships goods from China to the USA. It specializes in sea freight, air freight, road freight and also offers Amazon FBA services. In case of urgency, this firm can ship the goods in two days or less.  

This freight forwarder reduces the risk of shipping delays by maintaining backup strategies for all the stages of freight movements. More than 500 corporations use this freight forwarder, including famous car brands, cartoon industry, food processors, and more. 

Services Offered

  • Gives door-to-door delivery options and US Customs Broker services. 
  • Offers premium shipping services and delivers your goods swiftly and seamlessly 
  • You can choose either FCL Shipping or LCL Shipping services 


After getting into the detailed information of the accessible freight forwarders that offer shipping services from China to the USA, we made this list. We have included the top 5 freight forwarding companies, and based on your requirements, you can select any of their services. All of them offer various shipping modes at a reasonable price and ensure a quick delivery. 

If we had to pick one, our best choice is FBABEE, a well-known freight forwarder from China to the USA which also provides instant shipping services to other countries. 

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