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Looking for good freight forwarders that will deliver from China to Singapore? Consider your search over! This blog talks about the best freight forwarding companies you can contact for shipping goods.  

Freight forwarding is heavily relied upon by many businesses, both big and small. The various mediums through which freight forwarding is done include waterways, railways, roadways, and airways. Freight forwarding drives the trade within and outside all countries. 

List of the Best Freight Forwarders from China to Singapore  

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Looking for a specific type of freight forwarder, in this case, a company shipping goods from China to Singapore can be a confusing ordeal. But luckily for you, your search is about to be over. We have compiled a list of the best freight forwarding companies that offer shipping services from China to Singapore. Need more information? You can contact us.  

If you want to see the list before reading on, the best freight forwarding companies for your requirements are as follows:

  1. FBABEE 
  2. Ezship by Ezbuy
  3. SGShop by Taobao Singapore
  4. vPost
  5. Oops

Best Freight Forwarders from China to Singapore  



Source: FBABEE

Year Established: 2018 

Headquarters: Xixiang Street, Guangdong Province, China

Industry: Freight shipping 

Awards and Certifications: ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification among others

FBABEE is a new addition to the list of top freight forwarding companies in China. This company offers their services at affordable rates, and the shipments reach their destination on time. The company provides express shipping, air and express shipping, and sea shipping services. 

The complementary services customers get at FBABEE include picking up the goods from a warehouse, examining them for any defects so that they can be replaced in time before the shipment leaves, and free storage. Paid services include printing custom labels and attaching them to the packages. 

FBABEE is also an Amazon Freight Forwarder, so any business owner looking to sell on Amazon can contact this company. Their US warehouse spans an area of 4,000 square meters, and the prep centre is 900 square meters. This company deals with the shipping of over 10 tons of goods daily. 

Services Offered

  • Pick-up and examination
  • Free storage for up to two weeks
  • Paid services include additional storage time, FNSKU labelling, bundling, packaging, caution labels, and poly bagging. 
  • Accepts payment modes like L/C, D/A, T/T, D/P, Western Union, and PayPal 
  • Stellar customer service

2. Ezship by Ezbuy

Year Established: 2010 

Headquarters: 51 Tai Seng Avenue, Pixel Red, Singapore 

Industry: Freight shipping

Awards and Certifications: CCC-Clearance Certificate, and others. 

Ezship Logo

Ezship uses the best shipping route from China to Singapore to make all your shipping deliveries on time at the most affordable price range. The sea shipping offered by the company includes both small and heavy items. The cost is transparent, and there is no base charge that the customers have to pay. 

The Shanghai and Guangzhou shipments are made with standardized rates, and the customers are always aware of what can be charged when they make a deal. One of the drawbacks of this shipping service is that they do not offer a repacking service or pick up and drop off services. Extra charges are added for delivery and pickup services. 

Services Offered:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Free storage for up to 20 days
  • Returns and exchanges within Chin can be facilitated via this company

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3. SGShop by Taobao Singapore

Year Established: 2011

Headquarters: 3 Ubi Ave 3, Crocodile House, Singapore 

Industry: Freight shipping

Source: SGShop

An international freight forwarder, SGShop is an ideal freight forwarder for different shipping methods like air, ocean, and land. Their services include a built-in calculator, so their costs are precisely what is in front of the client during discussion. Depending on your needs, the shipping providers and shipping time can be managed at your convenience. Wooden crates are used for packaging bulkier items during sea shipping over long distances. 

The company also has a detailed list of prohibited items, but the details are vague on what is considered fragile. Repackaging and consolidation services are not offered for common goods to be shipped. Their website can be challenging to navigate at times. 

4. vPost 

Year Established: 1999 

Headquarters: 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 

Industry: Freight shipping  

vPost Logo

Source: vPost

An international freight forwarding company, vPost was founded by Singapore Post and now caters to countries worldwide like the US, Japan, Singapore, and China. Their services include free storage for a month and payment consolidation. The company keeps in contact with multiple merchants and promotes its businesses. For clients who are new to freight forwarding, tracking details of the goods are shared by messaging, and you can check where your package is while in transit. 

Some of the company’s drawbacks include an extensive list of items that cannot be shipped and expensive base charges. The company provides insurance on the goods, but it is not for the consolidated package. You would have to buy insurance per item which can cost you a lot more than on one consolidated package. 

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5. Oops 

Headquarters: Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore

Industry: Freight shipping  

Oops Logo

Source: Oops

Oops Group is a freight forwarding company that offers direct doorstep delivery of your packages once they arrive at their destination. They have standard shipping rates applied, which are what you will find at any other freight forwarder. You can store the consolidated pages at their warehouse for up to a month. 

The cons of choosing the freight forwarding company include the maximum weight limit, which cannot be more than 30 kilograms. No medical items can be shipped, and extra charges like import permits will not be included in the price quoted for your shipping services. 

If you are beginning your business and starting freight forwarding for the first time, their user-friendly website will easily help you navigate the minor details. Paying for insurance will require you to pay 3% more of the Declared Value. Extra insurance money will probably cost you more because this company will not provide insurance for your goods to be shipped. 

Services Offered

  • A DIY Reship service
  • Assisted purchase service
  • China fulfilment service

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Hope this blog helps with your search for the most reliable freight forwarding companies that ship from China to Singapore. These top 5 freight forwarders ensure speedy shipping services across countries and customer satisfaction. 

Our recommendation in the list of the best freight forwarders from China to Singapore remains FBABEE. It offers enough services for a smooth delivery, is always on time and answers all the queries of their customers.  

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