Home remedies for treating hotspots in dogs

Home remedies for treating hotspots in dogs

Many diseases are of such nature that the effects of same have to be suffered by the human as well as animals. There are skin problems that trouble dogs also. For them, such health issues can be dangerous as they cannot understand what can be the effects of their scratching and lick the concerned areas of the body.

Hotspots can affect any breed of dog,and it is really irritating for them. It makes them sick when they are attacked by the bacteria causing it. The medical term used for such a skin condition is “moist dermatitis” which affects a particular area of the body and reddens it making it swell and itchy. This type of skin condition is caused by various external agents such as insect bites, parasitic attack, allergies and so on. But, the most common cause of it is, when a dog licks or bites a particular area which has a broken skin and further irritates the place. There are certain others uncommon factors too such a side effect of injection, vasculitis, auto-immune disease,etc. But, it is always recommended for a pet owner to detect early signs of such a skin condition and also consult a veterinary doctor if the situation gets tough. Mild stage of thehotspot can be reduced with the help of certain home remedies which is always a good way to start with the treatment.

Oil of Tea Tree: Oil from tea tree is one of the most potent agents when it comes to fighting against such skin conditions. The agent that is found in the tree has a naturally occurring anti-microbial ability which helps in soothing any affected area of the skin. But, it should be remembered that tea tree oil should not be ingested but only applied externally.

Lavender Oil:  Lavender in itself is a very soothing agent which soothes any kind of skin irritation with ease and very gently. It provides moisture to the skin and at the same time acts as skin soothing agent by cleansing the affected area. Lavender also has a very calming smell which will further make the dog comfortable if it inhales it. It is also safe for the dog if it licks the affected area.

Making use of Elizabethan Collar: Making your dog wear this kind of collar will prevent your dog from further biting or licking the affected area thus increasing the rate of recovery. Further chewing and licking of the area which is affected by hotspot bacteria may lead to serious conditions later so it is advisable to use such a collar which will help the dog to keep away from agitating the area.

Home remedies for treating hotspots in dogs

Calendula Oil: The Oil from a Calendula plant is a very strong and potent agent which helps in the treatment of almost every kind of skin condition. The plant contains flavonoids which help in reducing the inflammation and redness of the area by killing the germs and healing the skin. It helps in the stimulation of the white blood cells which helps in destroying harmful microbes.

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